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Pumpkin Tahini Toast

Pumpkin Tahini Toast 1 - Pumpkin Tahini Toast

Pumpkin Tahini Toast 2 - Pumpkin Tahini Toast

Pumpkin Tahini Toast 3 - Pumpkin Tahini Toast

Pumpkin Tahini Toast - Pumpkin Tahini Toast

Pumpkin Tahini Toast

While this pumpkin tahini toast is the perfect solution for leftover roast pumpkin (or sweet potato or even carrots) I’ve been known to make a batch of roast pumpkin specifically to have it on hand for this very combination!

Serves1 – multiply as desired


  • thick-sliced sourdough or bread of choice
  • roast pumpkin, skin removed (approx 1/2 cup flesh)
  • crumbled goat cheese
  • tahini
  • dukkah
  • olive oil


  1. Toast bread and smear with a bit of olive oil. Roughly mash pumpkin and spread over toast. 

  2. Drizzle with tahini, top with goat cheese (or chopped cashews and a pinch of salt for a vegan version), sprinkle liberally with dukkah and/or any other seasoning you fancy. Serve.


  • Roast sweet potato, carrot or really any other mash-able vegetable would substitute perfectly for the pumpkin.
  • Don’t like or have tahini? Use another nut or seed butter instead.
  • Dukkah is a seed, nut and spice blend, you can also use zatar or simply sprinkle with your favourite spices to change up the flavours.
  • For a sweet option use a sweet dukkah and swap the goat cheese for coconut yoghurt. 

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  • NATURALLY: vegetarian // soy free // sugar free // nut free
  • OPTION FOR: gluten free with gf bread // dairy free & vegan with cashews, vegan cheese or coconut yoghurt

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Pumpkin Tahini Toast
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